welcome to the archives

various art from 2018

hands covering a rabbit's eyes a long haired person with a tube in their nose a winged rabbit wearing a crown a mandala a rabbit with long legs and no body round creatures with stick legs fluffy creatures a faceless creature a lot of bunnies a lot of fluffy animals a cat thinking about meat two puppies wearing robes a cat transforming into a monster a axolotol-like creature eating stars a dancing rabbit a smiling creature a demon a fluffy creature with a very long tail a demon with tangled legs a fluffy creature crying blood an angel bunny two bunnies in the sky a monster feeding a puppy from a bottle a boy and a large rabbit a child on a horse a kitten teeth in an abstract image a rabbit on a round bed a rabbit in a pool of blood four animals a bunny a bunny a rabbit sitting in a hallway as smoke fills the hall i love you bunny purplemist flows wind cold gatelatch with the undying cult of your friendship culumon a round animal a cat with a magic wand a fluffy animal at the side of a bed a rabbit in a hoodie a bunny on top of a jellyfish a person crouched and vomiting a long haired person's portrait a bear with very long arms a child holding a cake a person wearing underwear lines forming around a harvester a rabbit in a pot a rainbow through a person's eye a person buying a mask a big dog holding a small dog the  fairy queen says that's not the way to be happy a horned rabbit in a playroom a horned rabbit a lop eared rabbit in a bubble a rabbit framed by cherubs a puppy holding a hammer over a fluffy creature many people boy wearing a dress two creature with tails entwined a cat with a bandaged ear a woman holding a suitcase by a piano a creature with a veil a creature with a tiara a long haired person placing their hand on the head of a kneeling person a rabbit and a heart wreathed with thorns bunnies rabbit wearing a collar cemetary with ghosts small people peony and eonpy two anthro animals in front of a burning building a bear wearing a scarf and holding a pinwheel an animal and an eye a bandaged cat with a floating scarf a bunny with another bunny in a pram an angel sitting on a wall a human with mantis hands a fairy holding a siphon a cat with a heart on its forehead it hurts it hurts it a demon sitting by a tree a gothic lolita holding a rabbit two bunnies in a cave a cat with a spiked collar a cat with eyes on its legs a round cat wearing a scarf a child saying i will do my best! a fluffy animal licking a cat a cat wearing a scarf a bunny with a knife a house with a cat on its roof angel fluffy animal crying a gif of fluffy animal crying

various art from 2017

a furry creature six armed creature doctor cat two creatures with little animals the head of a king a king holding a puppy a kitten holding a heart two roses and a king a large eared furry creature three furry creatures angel cat mouse princess catboy playing video games a flock of angels a gif of a creature waking and running down a street two demons a rabbit says please board spaceship b rabbit princess and her little sister faceless rabbit rabbit mecha furry monster i am unstoppable and this pain is not real a vampire child a furry creature abstract image dog angel holding rabbits anthropomorphic lamb laying down creature with sword stabbing another creature rabbit a person in rabbit mask and a person in cat mask person with twintail hair elderly angels child hugging a swan two children laying on a playroom floor spiral-eyed rabbit cat sitting in a bed being watched from the window by another cat monster girl moth holding a twig goth person monster furry angel gothic lolita with tangled hair bunny teddy bear head angel creatures rabbit in heart

various art 2016 and earlier

rabbits kissing people alien garden rabbit angel in the garden demon rabbit angel alien with horse self injuring cat astronauts bunny with stars and hearts astronaut bunny angels and flowers i realize i don't know what the fuck i'm doing but something recorded in my heart directs my actions as the
      forces influencing me continue to change and further infiltrate my defenses. i will do what i can to help. i only ever see you when i'm in pain. you make me feel better. rabbit moths person sitting on bench cat holding bunny bunny demon angel robot cat rabbit angel person wearing dress heart with animals in it and the word love beneath it person with forehead injury baby wearing dress autumn creatures alien baby, three eyed kitten, and bunny sleeping bunny crying child gothic lolita misery demon demon with sceptre and rabbit goat boy sleeping dragon rabbit with bleeding mouth long haired centaur puppy wearing a dress two rabbits i want to cook pancakes shaped like hearts & bunny rabbits rabbit head with flower growing from it